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And the devil had a sit down

After over an year of not playing live, we headed to The Amersham Arms on Friday (June 18th) to take the stage with Tableau Mort and Vulgaris . This was a gig a very long time in the making, as the nice folks from Tableau Mort had originally invited us to play at an all-dayer with them back in 2020. That got cancelled, and then another attempt after the first lockdown got derailed, but this one was finally happening, so we were very appreciative of the opportunity.

Just before we left for London, I had a pleasant surprise in the form of a DPD package delivery, which contained the backdrop I'd commissioned only 4 days ago. Big shoutout to BannerWorld for producing a high quality print and delivering well before the expected date.

To get around the Covid restrictions, the audience had to be fully seated and distanced. Perhaps this translated into a bit of awkwardness and a shortage of crowd energy, but we still let loose as we do. This marked our first live performance ever with our new drummer Jules too!

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