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Of Burning cars & painted floors

On May 28th, we headed to Savoire Faire studio in Norwich to shoot the music video for our newest single Crystal Cove. By then it felt like we'd been waiting forever for the shoot, with vague ideas about narrative shots and costume choices. We'd sent the track for mixing & mastering to the excellent folk at Innersound Audio all the way back in April, but we could only find a free date that coincided for both Shaun (videographer extraordinaire, of Loki Films) and ourselves more than a month down the line. Unfortunately our search for a volunteer to act out the narrative bits (such as they were) didn't pan out, so that role naturally fell to yours truly as well.

Anyhow, our new drummer Jules (whom we were meetings for only the 3rd time ever) was already there and setting up when Joel & I got to the studio at 9am, closely followed by Jonathan, and Matt who drove in in a profusely smoking car, and quite unfazed by it.

It looked legitimately scary as when we popped the hood we could hear something still sizzling. While some of us suddenly remembered theyhad business to attend to far away from the car, whatever was smoking presently cooled down as Matt called the breakdown service, and we headed inside to get ready.

The studio itself was a thing to behold, as the fully white curved walls meant that the eye could not find and edges and so any sense of depth was hard to obtain.

We and Shaun discussed what we were going for, got dressed and all setup, and then it was work time. Have a look at our snazzy new emblem on a bass drum head!

Long story short, by 6pm we had done what felt like 657430 takes. Tiring as it was we loved every second of it. But I'll leave it to the actual music video to show what kind of shenanigans we got up to.

As we packed everything up to leave, I found the huge roller brush and the white paint and had a go at covering up the smudges and marks we'd left on the white floor. Clearly I was going about it poorly as the proprietor showed up and kindly gave a lengthy and detailed demonstration of how it should be done, adding how this knowledge will come in handy for me down the line.

Then after a bite to eat we headed home, all except for poor Matt who had to wait there until almost 10pm for the tow truck to turn up abd drag his car back to Cambridge.

The pains and stiffness in the next couple of days bore testament to how hard we'd gone about the performance. Now we wait with baited breath to see the final outcome produced by Shaun's magic.

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